Original Soundtracks
for Video Games

Give life to your games  and avoid
unoriginality with custom game music.

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Characters, environments, stories, Ideas…

Every game transmits an idea.

Sometimes it’s fun,

Sometimes it’s serious,

But all of this stories, need to be accompanied with great original music.

I’ve created music for games that have reached over…


to games featured on the Apple App Store's "Game of the Day" Section.

There’s no doubt that, whether we like it or not, music plays a huge role in video games.

I’ve made music for games & gamers and reached over 1.5 Million+ Spotify & YouTube Streams, without counting the 300K+ SoundCloud plays.

Some of this games and music I’ve made for them, has been used and played by YouTubers with over 3 Million Subscribers, like BeckBroJack, BlackPanthaa and more.

Characters, Stories, Environments and Ideas are important in a game, and having someone that is sensible to this stories, character personalities or even environments and worlds, is key for a successful video game.






Game Of

The Day


Parchisi Star Online (2020) | 50M+ Downloads

Gogogo! The Game (2020) | Apple Game Of The Day

Pixel Car Racer (2016) | 10M+ Downloads

Drift Clash (2017) | 1M+ Downloads

Hive Mind (2020) | Steam Game Festival Featured

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What's inside?

  • Unlimited Duration: You don’t pay for minute, that’s confusing. You pay for full final delivery of the soundtrack, and you’ll not pay any extra fees to extend it if you need it.


  • Excusive and Wordwide License: It doesn’t matter if your game becomes the next Angry Bird, you don’t need to pay extra to maintain the soundtrack in your game, no matter how big or viral it gets, you’ll get the rights to use it in your game and in everything related to your game everywhere in the world.


  • Mixing and Mastering: Your original soundtrack will be delivered fully professionally mixed and mastered.


  • Free: Perfect Loop and Extended Versions: If you’re creating a game and you only need 1 minute of composition, but 5 minutes in loop, I’ll make sure to extend it for you to any extra minutes you need and make it loopable.

How it works

  • 1. Discovery:

    First, we go into the "discovery phase". What music do your game needs? Do you have any reference soundtrack or song? Do your game has a peculiar history, character to portrait in the music? Number of themes? All of this things are important to create great original soundtracks.


  • 2. Feedback:

    Do you want the violin to sound louder? Ok. I share the original soundtrack I created for your game and you give me feedback about the soundtrack.


  • 3. Final deliveries:

    In this phase all of the final delivery files are delivered to you. It might include: the original soundtrack, the extended version and perfect loop versions.


What other clients are saying

Shawn Lord,
Creative Director

I was really pleased with the end result, and the fact that we were able to collaborate easily despite the distance and with me providing limited reference at the time.

If you have a music need, definitely check Luis out!

Mark Metry,

Luis is by far the best in the industry.

For any kind of audio needs I know I can count on Luis to go above and beyond with his true musical passions 🙏

Braxton H,
Founder, Developer

It's been a pleasure working with Luis.

He is very talented and always delivers something brilliant.

I plan to hire him again.

Original Stories, Original Soundtracks

What if you didn't find the perfect fit for your game in my portfolio?

That happens, and it can be frustrating...

But if you have a very original game, that can be expected.

If your game has:

- Original Characters
- Original Environments
- Original Stories

It's almost impossible to find right away the 100% fit in a demo reel or portfolio, since it needs to be original.

Some games contain simple humans (characters) that need simple casual music... But in some cases, those humans are in the year 3099 (a different environment), which forces the music to be way different from today's.

Sometimes those characters have very different stories, or super rare abilities or art style.

Take GoGoGo! For example:

If you look at the graphics now, and hear the music, you can see that it fits really well together, and the music is very very rare and original.

Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 19-32-34 Gogogo Kickstarter Trailer.png

But did you know that the creator of the game send me as a musical reference a Mario Kart 8 soundtrack?

That's crazy.

From a soundtrack that contains very unique synthesizers and fun/crazy acapellas to a Jazz Multi-instrumental soundtrack? How did that happened?


After I made the first version of the Main Gameplay Theme (which was very inspired on Mario Kart),

The creator of the game told me that he wanted something more unique, different and crazy for this case.

He wanted to emphasize the little fun characters of the game.

So we did the gameplay theme and trailer theme, the rest is history.

 Now is the time

To first create the original soundtrack of your game, I would love to meet you and know more about your game.

Schedule a free 15 min call on discord or zoom so we can talk about your game, vision and original soundtrack ideas.


About Lufus

Luis Quintero, popularly known as Lufus and formerly known as Bitonal Landscape, is a Music Producer, composer, audio engineer and Sound Designer.